Top 5 Business-Related Content Plagiarism Checker Tools Online Free

Why free tools?

In the modern era, the resources are increasing day by day. At the same time, several people can’t even manage to have three times a meal. Thus, the students or middle-class writers who write business articles for companies cannot buy premium plans of very expensive tools. In this case, such a person can use these to check for plagiarism.

Free tools are also very much accurate, and they give approximately as same results as paid tools. Some of the free tools also get data from the paid tools.

Likewise, In SEO Thehoth (Keyword researching tool free tool) gets data from the paid tool (Semrush).

Which are these 5 free content plagiarism checker tools online?

  • Prepostseo
  • PlagiarismSoftware
  • PlagiarismDetector
  • Easybib
  • Check-Plagiarism

Prepostseo is a reputable tool in the plagiarism checking industry. Many businesses use this tool to verify the content for their websites. Also, content writers can use this free tool, else they can buy paid plans which are also plausible for middle-class people.

This tool has some significant features like one can check for plagiarism around 1000 words per search. Also, this allows to check plagiarism several times per day. It has a detailed report for the plagiarism, and also gives guidelines to make the content 100% unique.


It is also a good plagiarism checking tool. Many content writers and bloggers suggest this free tool to enhance the SEO of the website or blog. Many students and teachers also use this tool to verify the uniqueness of an article.


It is a great tool, which one can use to check plagiarism in content for free. It has some paid plans as well. It shows the percentage of uniqueness and plagiarism in an article. Buying its paid versions, allows the customers to enjoy more advanced features and unlimited searches per day.


Easybib is also an old plagiarism detector. It is a trusted and a good tool. Although it has many restrictions yet people can use this tool to check for plagiarism in content. It has SEO optimized design so many people go engaged while using this tool.


Check-Plagiarism is also a good tool to check plagiarism in pdf file, content, academic writing, and other writings. One can use this tool for free but with limited features. It shows good results and has better feedback from the users.

How to check plagiarism?

You must have content to check plagiarism in. Checking plagiarism is not as much difficult as some common men think. Just copy the content from a file, and paste it in the search box of either of these tools. It will show you a report of plagiarism very soon.

Also, if one does not know to copy and paste, then one can upload one’s files in these 5 tools very easily. Also, this way helps to get a detailed report about plagiarism in an article.

Are the results accurate in these 5 free tools?

The results can vary from tool to tool. Every tool shows its report on the basis of the algorithm and database. The report will be according to the algorithm set in any plagiarism detector.

All tools do not use a single database. One can get data from a source while others will prefer something else to get data from. So, the reports are shown accordingly.

Are these tools for only content writing?

No. You might know than a million blogs are created on a daily basis. The bloggers are willing to either monetize their blog or market their product. Thus, they need ranking for their webpages.

As long as the website pages are not free from plagiarism, the blog is never going to rank in the search engines. So, they can use these 5 free plagiarism tools to check plagiarism in the content, and then they should upload it on their website.

Can we check academic writing in these tools?

Yes, anyone can check academic writing using these tools. These tools are not designed only for a single purpose but have the only objective that one can check content if it contains plagiarism.

These 5 tools are ready to be used in checking the plagiarism for free either academic writing or any other type of writing. These tools are supposed to show reports. These tools can also view pdf files, and show reports.

Can we check the thesis in these tools?

Yes, you can check the thesis in these tools. Every type of academic writing is allowed to be checked on these 5 tools for checking the uniqueness of an article.

Most of the students in colleges fail due to plagiarism. Before submitting assignments or academic write-up, make sure to check the uniqueness first.

What if plagiarized content occurs?

If plagiarism is detected in the content, these tools will surely underline the phrase where similar lines are available. You will need to add some new words in the corresponding paragraph and edit it making necessary changes. So, plagiarism can be evaded.

Can we check pdf files in these tools?

Of course, these five plagiarism checkers online free tools can check pdf files. It is also one of the great features. Some people do not know how to convert the MS word file to pdf. One should not worry about it as other formats are also allowed to check plagiarism. These tools also check other types of formats.

Just go to these tools, and make your assignment, academic write-up, and content free from plagiarism.

What are the qualities of the best plagiarism checker?

There are so many tools that can be used to check for plagiarism in content. Thus, people are always confused about which tool to choose. If you are an individual then you must use these free tools. If you want to make multiple searches on a single day, then you will have to buy premium versions of these tools.

The best plagiarism detector has the following qualities;

  • Easy-to-use
  • SSL certificate availability
  • Able to check files like pdf
  • Detailed report
  • Inexhaustible database
  • Reasonable premium plans

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