Top Reasons Why You Should Invest In a Step and Repeat Backdrop

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A media backdrop is one kind of banner typically used in various events like product launches, award ceremonies, media conferences, store inaugurations, and more.

Step and Repeat Backdrop

These banners have a characteristic repeating pattern of one or more company logos. The main intention of displaying these banners is to promote the brand logo.

Photographers shoot photos of celebrities, VIP guests, and important company officials against them for publishing in different media, including newspaper, TV, and digital, as their audiences are always hungry for such photos.

These backdrops are a simple but highly-effective strategy for brand promotion, according to The Montreal Times. Businesses love media backdrops because of their multiple benefits. A quick look at the advantages of media banners:

High Visibility

A media wall is a very high-profile addition to events of just about any kind. They add a professional look to the event, and photos shot against them by the media get widely circulated.

Additionally, you can post the photos and videos on your social media accounts and website, as well as email campaigns.

All this is in addition to the audience or spectators present on the occasion that will have the opportunity of seeing your brand logos displayed prominently on the background banner.

When you sponsor several such events, people tend to find you more credible and trustworthy.

Free Advertising

When you are sponsoring an event, competition, or other occasions, you get a lot of free publicity. In addition to the awardees and celebrities, many people attending the event also take photographs against the step and repeat backdrop.

They then post these photos on their social media accounts that become a talking point with their followers.

The interaction and engagement these social media posts attract ensure very high visibility of the brand, and when done consistently, they serve to boost the brand reach.

With the large number of people hooked onto social media, brands get a lot of free advertising with media banners.

Free Brand Endorsement

As everyone knows, a celebrity endorsement demands a lot of investment. Such a high cost may not be possible for many businesses to afford.

When you use a media background it acts like a magnet that draws in the attending celebrities, stars, thought leaders, business leaders, and more to pose against the background because they know that their photos will be circulated widely.

The advantage for the business is that even when they are not paying any fees to them, they get a lot of free publicity when the photos are published by the press or social media users.


You can use a media backdrop in many different ways, and once you start using it, you will automatically discover new opportunities to display it.

These backdrops are simple to design and quite affordable. Because they are not complex structurally, do not involve any moving parts, and are lightweight, you can use them at any location of your choice. If you want, you can get portable models according to your requirement.

Moreover, their affordability and long life ensure they deliver a high ROI, which is a boon for small businesses with small budgets. (ADV)

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