7 Recommendations for Types of Business with Capital Less than 100 Million Rupiah

If you are bored with your office routine and don’t feel challenged by your work, you can start a business as a side job. While working, while in business. Of course, not as a single player because you will recruit employees to facilitate operational activities.

Business Recommendation

Indeed, opening a business requires a relatively hefty amount of capital. But, you don’t need to worry if you already have a wealth of around IDR 100 million. Here are some businesses that can be cultivated and will bring profits in a fast or slow time.

1. Catering Business

Food and drink are basic human needs. Well, for those of you who happen to cook and like to mix things up, there’s nothing wrong with opening a catering business.

In terms of expenses, it can be pretty significant, but only initially because you need to buy equipment for cooking. After that, you have to think about capital to purchase raw materials, pay employees, and promote activities.

In addition to adequate capital, the key to the success of this business is in the quality of the food and how you get closer to consumers. If you are friendly and willing to listen to consumer input, your business will run smoothly.

2. Photocopying Business

Photocopying and printing seem to be a business that will never die, considering that almost everyone needs it—students and adults who are already working or are looking for work.

Running a business is also not difficult. You need to display a “photocopy” flyer and let people come to your place. As for the equipment is pretty simple, such as a photocopier, paper, and ink.

The capital required is approximately 25 million only. Much more affordable, right? To be even more efficient, you can conjure up your front yard as land to run a photocopying business.

3. Selling Stationery

If you are interested in running a photocopying business and happen to have free space still, it’s lovely to be in this business. Yes, you are selling stationery. There must be someone who needs it.

Stationery needs to be prepared, such as pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, sharpeners, and coloured pencils. Simple and easy to get, right?

The capital required is much more economical than the two businesses above. Maybe IDR 2-3 million is enough or even too much. It is better to calculate carefully so that the equipment purchased later does not seem wasteful.

4. Groceries

If one of your goals in doing business is to make it easier for consumers to get food, then open an important food business. For example, rice, cooking oil, flour, coconut milk, and ready-to-use kitchen spices can be sold.

Interestingly, you don’t need to process these ingredients. Your job is only to buy from producers, then help distribute them to consumers. The capital is still affordable.

A medium-sized grocery store, for example, only provides Rp 20 million in money. Profits from the primary food business can later be saved to increase the size of the store.

5. Open a Boutique

Clothing is one of the three basic human needs. Indeed, the mechanism is much more complicated because you have to have skills in the field of fashion. This skill will make it easier for you to observe trends and know the fabric’s quality and the level of comfort in the body.

But don’t worry, all of this can be learned over time. The primary key is in the capital. Then, the quality and how do you do promotions so that consumers know the product.

We recommend using social media, relationships, and e-commerce networks to help increase sales and reduce promotional costs. So, the capital you need is no more than IDR 100 million.

6. Laundry Business

Want to try a home business that is relatively easy but selling well? There is a laundry business that is currently mushrooming everywhere. This is reasonable considering the high level of community mobility plus a practical lifestyle.

The tools needed are washing machines, detergents, fragrances, laundry plastic, scales, and irons. If calculated, the cost is between IDR 20-30 million.

This business will be better if run in a large area, so rent a kiosk measuring 3×5 meters to organize all the equipment. Again, look for the right place; employees and students occupy the majority to help accelerate the increase in income.

7. Furniture Dropshipping Business

The furniture business has become one of the most sought after, especially since the pandemic began where people’s willingness to beautify the house’s appearance increases because most of their time is spent at home.

In practice later, you do not need to open a real furniture business. Instead, be a drop shipper, and the profits will flow automatically into your wallet.

Looking at the business flowchart, it can be said that you don’t need any capital to run this business.

Your job is only to find reliable furniture manufacturers at affordable prices so that you can mark up the cost within reasonable limits. So, the product does not seem too expensive.

Choose a Business That Matches Your Capability

Talking about business is broad. Many types can be tried, from minor to significant capital, though. However, the key to success is not only in money but also in the capability to engage in the business.

You have to master the flow or business flowchart well, so the practice is easy. That way, business capital is not wasted, and the business you are running can grow. (CWT)