Buying high-quality patio furniture requires a considerable investment. To secure your investment, you will need good and durable covers. They will ensure that your furniture remains in pristine condition and gets a long life. But not all covers are equal.

Determine The Threats That Your Furniture is Likely to Face

These days buyers get numerous options to choose from and thus often get confused about which one will serve their purpose the best. This article will guide you in choosing the perfect patio table cover along with other outdoor furniture covers as well.

Not all covers provide all types of protection from the various environmental factors. First, you have to determine what threats your patio furniture is going to face. Accordingly, you have to plan your buy.

  • If you live in a hot region that experiences bright sunny days most of the year, you will need to buy a cover with a high UV rating to reduce the chance of fading and getting brittle.
  • If you have placed your patio furniture near the pool or are planning to keep them outside even during the rainy season, look for waterproof covers. It will prevent rotting (for wooden furniture) and rusting (for iron-based furniture).
  • A cover with a tight weave will not allow tree sap, bird droppings, or insects to damage your furniture. If you think these to be some of the potential threats, look for covers with minimal mesh.
  • If you possess a glass center table, it will need a padded cover. Try to search for patio table covers with inner padded lining to safeguard the glass top of your table.

Choosing The Material

You get to select from a wide variety of materials. You have to pick a cover that will give you the right coverage and protection. Some of the options are:


Vinyl is preferred by many because it is affordable and can resist moisture. You can easily put the covers on and off as they are lightweight. But do not opt for these covers if you intend to keep your furniture out in the rain as they have minimal breathability. So, mold or mildew can develop.


It is a breathable fabric and has low maintenance. You can take them off and stash them into your washing machine and get them cleaned and ready to be used again. It is a good material for covers to be used in warmer climates. They are tough and highly durable, and you can get them treated to be UV resistant and waterproof.


Polyester covers can give your patio furniture the needed protection. It is a breathable and quick-drying fabric that allows the trapped water beneath the cover to evaporate quite easily. Thus, it prevents mold formation. Polyester fabric can be treated to possess additional properties like insulation, UV resistance, and waterproofing.


Perhaps, it is the most affordable of all covers. Plastic covers are best for occasional storage. They do not perform well as covers used for long-term protection.


Now that you know which covers to choose for your patio table and other outdoor furniture, measure their dimensions and place your orders. (ADV)