BloggerBlogger.Com is a blog-based online news platform that consists of several categories, including: Regional, Finance, Technology, Review, Opinion, Education, Tourism, and General. Since mid-2009 until now, BBN has continued to learn to develop itself with the available resources.

In its operational activities, BBN opens opportunities to collaborate in the form of content writing, content placement, product reviews, backlink services, search engine optimization (SEO), and the like.

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Detailed information on biofuel statistical data can be read below:

  • Website Age : Approximately 14 Years
  • Domain Authority (DA) : 45
  • Page Authority (PA) : 49
  • Domain Rating (DR) : 40
  • URL Rating (UR) : 71
  • Alexa Rank : 1,111,916 (Global)
  • Average Visit : 572 Per Day
  • Spam Score : 1%

BBN accepts articles in two languages, namely Indonesian and English according to the wishes of the advertiser or agency. For some of the keywords that are inserted in the article, there are those that are included in the first page of the Google search engine search results.

Terms and Conditions

For those who are interested in cooperating, here are the terms and conditions:

  • Determine the content writer cooperation system (writing from BBN) or content placement (writing from you).
  • The minimum length of the article is 500 words.
  • A maximum of 2 (two) backlinks with the target website of your business.
  • Do not accept articles with topics about gambling, pornography, violence, gay and the like.
  • Article links are dofollow and permanent as long as the BBN website is active.
  • The article processing period is 3×24 hours since the agreement between the two parties.

Payment Method

Cooperation rates are calculated on a per article basis with the following details:

  • Content Writer $50 per article (the article from me)
  • Placement Content $30 per article (the article from advertiser)

The rates above will adjust if you use a special cooperation system.

The payment mechanism is done using PayPal with the address [email protected] (invoice will be sent immediately after the article is published).

Content Writer

A content writer is a professional writer who creates written material, such as articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and marketing copy, for websites, magazines, and other forms of media. The goal of a content writer is to engage and inform an audience through compelling and informative writing, while also promoting a brand or product.

Placement Content

Placement content refers to written material created for the purpose of promoting a company’s products or services to potential customers or clients.

This type of content typically appears on the company’s website, in emails, and in advertising materials, and is designed to persuade the target audience to take a specific action, such as making a purchase, requesting more information, or visiting the company’s website.

The goal of placement content is to build brand awareness and credibility, generate leads, and ultimately drive sales.

Some examples of published articles:

This is information about the Blogger Borneo Network rate card and the cooperation mechanism. If you still have questions, please contact via email at bloggerborneo[a] or whatsapp +62 811-56-1982. (DW)