Reading and studying the Quran is part of worship which has many rewards. We know that the Quran itself is the holy book for Muslims. The Prophet Muhammad had the privilege of the Al-Quran which is a collection of revelations from Allah SWT.

Because of its high value of worship, many Muslims read and study it. As technology develops, you can now read the Quran anytime and anywhere easily via an application on your smartphone.

Al-Quran Digital Application

The Al-Quran now in its digital version remains the same as the printed Al-Quran in general. The Quran is a guide for all Muslims in which you can study religious teachings. It consists of 114 letters and 6666 verses containing various teachings, such as worship, monotheism, law, moral guidelines, and others.

There is much advice in the Quran and guidance for anyone who needs it. All verses in the Quran are in Arabic, so if you want to understand deeper and better then learning Arabic also has added value. Imagine living without the Quran, What would happen to Muslims?

Because there is no guidance in living everyday life. Not only is it a guide to life, but the Quran also contains artistic and literary content which is widely used as a reference. Poetry and calligraphy are examples of inspiring art and literature that come from the Quran.

Learning the Quran and Arabic Makes it Easy

Being a complete Muslim means having an obligation to study, read, and experience the contents of the Quran. Routine worship services such as prayer also include reading the Quran. So, we very often encounter the Quran in daily activities and religious activities.

Now you have easier choices with the presence of applications for reading and studying the Quran. There is even an easier method for memorizing the Quran using the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) method. This is a meaningful breakthrough from conventional methods. You must be wondering how memorizing the Quran can be this easy.

The development of computer technology has enabled rapid development even in the religious field. There is a very accessible data collection process. More people can take advantage of it easily. Meanwhile, to develop applications for studying the Quran, usually using a type of AI in the form of a learning machine.

One application that you can download is Think Quran. You only need to download the Quran application according to the procedures and then use its features to read and learn Arabic. In it, there are various features to support you in learning the Al-Quran more easily.

Let’s Move to Think Quran Easily and Effectively!

Answering the need for ease of studying the Al-Quran, an easy and up-to-date application is available, Think Quran. Through this application, users can memorize the contents of the Quran. The creator of the application deliberately created an Al-Quran learning application with technology that makes it easier for users to master Arabic.

This application is even good for beginners who don’t understand Arabic at all. Each language has its level of difficulty, but with Think Quran users will find it easy and very effective in improving their abilities.

Think Quran uses effective and innovative methods according to the needs of understanding the Quran and Arabic. Of course, conventional learning will make you bored and want to quickly finish the study session.

That is the reason the Think Quran presents fun and communicative learning. Users will not feel bored during the learning process. The hope is that Think Quran is a medium that provides blessings not only for users but also for the creators of this application.

To access this application, you need a computer or smartphone. You can easily search via the search site, available on the website page. Initially, you will be surprised by the unique appearance of this application. Very interesting and fun. In the future, it will be available in Android and iOS application versions. Look forward to it!

Hopefully, Think Quran can become a useful learning medium for all users. More and more people are actively studying the Quran and Arabic effectively. So, what are the advantages of this application? Why should Think Quran?

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Think Quran

Currently, there is not only one application for memorizing the Quran. Many similar applications offer effective learning of the Quran. All of these applications are very easy to access, some applications even do not require internet access.

Exploring the sophistication of AI, Think the Quran is the pioneer. Think Quran uses AI as its basis and uses a smart robot called Sholeh Robot. It’s getting interesting, isn’t it? Besides these advantages, there are many other benefits of using Think Quran.

1. Easy to Access and Use

Ease of use is an added value so that a beginner will not encounter difficulties. The arrangement of the letters makes it easy for anyone who uses it.

2. Effective Method

Learning a foreign language certainly has difficulties for anyone. That is why in the Think Quran, an effective method stands out. In the Quran, the verses contain repeated words. Think the Quran focuses on these words so that users will memorize them more quickly.

3. Memorize it Faster

Because in Think Quran, there is a system that helps you get reviews on lessons you don’t understand. You can repeat verses or words through fun exercises.

4. Simple and Unique Appearance

The appearance of the Think Quran is so simple that it doesn’t take much time to adapt to its use. You can more easily explore every feature in this application.

5. Check Your Progress

This is another advantage of this application, you will get a daily evaluation. Users can see how much progress they are making in learning every day. Here, you can find out any progress you have made so you can know which parts need repetition. If everything is optimal, you can continue to the next section. Any progress is very valuable in studying the Quran.


Now there are many user reviews of this application. The average opinion is positive for the Think Quran application. Many children and adults love this application because of its design and every feature that helps them more easily master the understanding of the Quran while increasing their knowledge of the Arabic language. So, are you interested in trying it? (RH)