10 Facilitation Techniques to Make Your Hybrid Conference More Engaging

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Everyone wants to conduct a hybrid event with proper engagement, networking, and communication facilities for offline and online attendees. You just need good techniques to achieve easy success in such an event.

Make Your Hybrid Conference More Engaging

Hence, the various facilitation techniques that can be beneficial to make your hybrid conference more engaging are as follows:

1. Start with Different Types of Preparations

In a hybrid event, you have both offline and online attendees at the same time. So, you have to prepare according to both. Your planning should include ideas for engagement and communication at the hybrid event platform.

Moreover, you can ask for a whiteboard at online and offline events. Also, if you provide a hard copy to the physical attendees, you must have a soft copy of the documents for the online participants. You can create a document library giving access to the users to view and download all the provided materials.

2. Head Start with the Shared Digital Platform

It is necessary to choose a topic based on the attendees’ requirements. You can take an audience poll for such a decision. Moreover, you can ask on various social media platforms and on your employee’s WhatsApp group.

You need to know their opinions to make the virtual event interesting for them. It will make the attendees engaged in the virtual conference. Also, such engaging agendas will keep them at the virtual event till the end. So, do not forget to take everyone’s opinion before finalizing the session topics.

3. Involve Bigger Groups Outrightly

Hybrid events mean reaching both the local and global audiences simultaneously. But you have to choose the right hybrid conference platform. It should provide you with unlimited attendees registration and logins. Also, it should provide you with proper space for branding for all the sponsors.

So, you can leverage numerous sponsors for your hybrid event with the freedom of branding and reach to the global audience. Also, calling a global audience means you need enough space that you can only get with the top hybrid conference platform. Hence, pick the best virtual event platform wisely.

4. Give a Quick Check-in

It is necessary that virtual event attendees face zero trouble registering and logging in. You need to provide them with as much ease as possible, which is only possible by choosing the best hybrid conference platform. Moreover, they will provide you with a web-based solution.

All the attendees will be able to join the conference smoothly with the browsers. It means, no need to download any application or software. Also, they can easily log in to the event with OTP, passwords, unique employee ID or code, Linkedin, Google, etc.5.

5. Steer the Discussion Toward the Desired Outcome

It is necessary that all the meetings end with a proper outcome. Hence, you need to ensure that you take all the discussions to the right results. You can create various networking tables on your hybrid event platform.

It is a 2-8 seater round networking table where all the participants can discuss a topic. The host can enter any table chat and provide their opinions and knowledge to take the discussion on the right path.

6. Involve the Remote Participants Throughout

It can be hard to manage both online and offline attendees during a hybrid event. But it is essential to involve both the attendees throughout the event. You have to keep interacting and answering the questions of the remote participants. Moreover, you have to provide different representatives for the virtual events.

Also, you can provide a Q&A document for all the attendees, including all the common questions that you think users will ask for sure. On the other hand, you can create a separate session for questions and answers. Additionally, you can create audience polls and quizzes.

7. Provide Safe and Fun Spaces to All the Attendees

It is crucial that the event’s virtual attendees enjoy and have fun at the hybrid conference platform. So, you can add gamification and leaderboard features to your event. You can get more than 100 AR/VR games for all the attendees that can be helpful to relax and have fun during the breaks.

Users can play and wait for the next session that they want to attend efficiently with these games without getting bored. Also, the leaderboard will add a sense of competition to all the attendees.

8. Initiate Group Chats to Grab Easy Attention

You can create groups based on similar interests using the AI-based matchmaking tool. Also, the attendees can connect with the people available at the hybrid event platform with similar interests to them. It will keep the users engaged throughout the event with a sense of in-person events.

Moreover, you can get live chat, audio, and video call features that can create proper engagement, communication, and networking for the attendees. They can connect with other attendees, sponsors, hosts, or even the speakers using these sources.

9. Give Opportunity to Share the Final Questions At the End

It is necessary that people get answers to all the questions and doubts they have before the event ends. So, you must keep a session or option for participants to upload all the questions. At the end of the hybrid event, you can collect all the questions for which they can get the answers in the next event.

Moreover, it can be a marketing strategy to get the attendees to your next event as well. You can upload all the questions with answers to the document library at your hybrid conference platform.

10. Ask for Feedback with Pop Up and Emails

It is essential you get the follow-up from the attendees on what they like or not. So, you can add a pop-up or a feedback option to your event. Create a survey form and ask them to fill it in via pop-up at the end of your hybrid event or send it in the emails.

Also, you can add a social wall or signature wall. All the attendees can share their live feedback on these walls where every other attendee and sponsor can see it.

So, these are the various facilitation techniques that can be helpful to make your hybrid conference more engaging. Hope, you will find this article beneficial to increasing engagement, interaction, and networking at your hybrid conference platform. (DW)

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