Travel Destinations in Semarang – Of course, tourist destinations in Indonesia are no less interesting than tourist destinations that exist overseas. So you can save on vacation costs. One of the places you can visit to spend vacation time is Semarang.

The capital city of Central Java Province offers a variety of interesting tourist destinations that you can visit together with your family or closest friends. Speaking of Semarang, surely what comes to mind is Lawang Sewu.

Travel Destinations in Semarang

Yes, the historic building that was a silent witness to the 5 Day struggle in Semarang is still standing firmly. In fact, Lawang Sewu is one of the interesting historical attractions that you must visit while in this lumpia city.

However, are there still other interesting tourist destinations that you can visit in Semarang? Of course there are, not only historical tourism destinations that you can visit, there are several natural tourist destinations with exotic scenery. For more details, here is a list of the best natural tourist destinations that you can find in Semarang.

1. Sidomukti Pennant

Sidomukti Pennant Semarang
Image: Dowes29.Com

Umbul Sidomukti is one of the best travel destinations in Semarang, located in the Umbul Sidomukti Tourism Area, Bandungan, Jimbaran, Semarang, Central Java. In tourist attractions on this one, you will be presented by the natural scenery that is still very cool and beautiful.

The quiet atmosphere with cool air makes Umbul Sidomukti as one of the best places to rest from the hustle and bustle of the city. In fact, Umbul Sidomukti also has several places that are Instagramworthy.

2. Eling Bening

As if not to be outdone by the previous tourist attractions, Eling Bening is also one of the best tourist places you can visit. Located on Jalan Sarjono, Bawen, Semarang, Central Java, of course you can easily access it from the city center.

With a wide spot and exotic scenery that seems to be the main attraction for tourists. Besides that, there are some very Instagramable photo spots. How? Are you interested in visiting this one tourist place?

3. Cemoro Sewu, Banyu Biru

Semarang seems to never run out of interesting tourist attractions for tourists. In fact, some of the natural tourist destinations in Semarang are the best tourist destinations that you can visit.

Cemoro Sewu, Banyu Biru is one of the best places travel destinations in Semarang for you who want to be one with nature. The shady trees coupled with the very cool air make this place the best place for relaxation. It’s not enough just to get there, even the landscape of the landscape is also very spoil your eyes.

4. Gedong Songo Temple

Gedong Songo Temple
Image: HelloSemarang.Com

Gedong Songo Temple is one of the attractions that can make you enjoy historical tourism as well as its natural attractions. The Gedung Songo temple itself is located on Mount Ungaran which makes the scenery around the temple very pampering you.

In addition, the history of the Hindu heritage temple will also add insight. There are nine temples with almost the same shape in the Gedung Songo Temple complex.

5. Lawang Sewu

Lawang Sewu is a historic building in Indonesia located in Semarang City, Central Java. This building include as travel destinations in Semarang, formerly the office of the Nederlands-Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij or NIS. Built in 1904 and completed in 1907. It is located in the Tugu Muda roundabout which was formerly called Wilhelminaplein.

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Local people call it Lawang Sewu because the building has a lot of doors, even though in reality, the number of doors does not reach one thousand. This building has many windows that are tall and wide, so people often think of it as a door (lawang).

The above are 5 lists of the best natural travel destinations in Semarang that you can visit. Of course, some of these natural tourist destinations invite you to be more integrated with nature and enjoy its beauty. (ENG)