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7 Secrets to a Successful & Stress-Less Business Trip in Dubai


Dubai is one of the top travel destinations worldwide because of its unique, stunning building structures and luxury experiences. Aside from this, it has also become one of the rapidly growing business hotspots, with plenty of investors, global brands, and entrepreneurs wanting to be a part of this progress.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to go on a business trip to Dubai, know that this emirate has its methods and traditions of doing business, especially since it has become a huge expatriate community. Thus, it is crucial for you not only to know these local customs but also to practice them.

Plan a Stress-Free Business Trip

Going on leisure travel is less stressful than a business trip, especially when you booked pre-planned daily tours. All you need is to prepare yourself to enjoy and have fun.

However, if the primary purpose of your trip is business, it can be a tad different. Yes, you can still have fun, but it can be a bit more stressful because of the additional things you must consider so that everything goes smoothly.

You need to polish your business presentation, prepare the best outfit, practice what you need to say, and more. If you’re traveling with your team, you must consider whether to book a group air charter or just fly commercially.

Whatever the case, these seven secrets can help ensure you have a successful Dubai business trip.

1. Learn How to Navigate the City

Research how you can get around the city before your flight date, especially if no one will pick you up at the airport. Sometimes, your business partner or customer may provide you with a car with a driver. Otherwise, you must know how to navigate the city from when you land at the airport to how you’ll reach the meeting venues or the luxury hotel.

Dubai offers plenty of options when it comes to transportation. These include trains, buses, the Dubai Metro, tram, and small wooden boats known as abras.

2. Limit Meetings to 1-2 Each Day

If you can arrange meetings ahead of time, like days before your arrival date in Dubai, you must set no more than two meetings in a day.

Rather than rushing from one business meeting to the next, take time to interact with your Arab business partners. Start the conversation about private issues like hobbies, food, or sports before dealing with business topics.

Be aware that appointments may be postponed spontaneously. You should never take this personally. Instead, ask your business partner in due time if the meeting is still happening.

3. Assume the Role of Being a Guest

If you are meeting a customer or partner in Dubai, expect to be treated like a guest. So you should allow yourself to be treated to meals, driven around the emirate, and more.

Be aware that in most Arab cities, hospitality is a priority. Rejecting invitations would insult your business partners and negatively affect your business relationship.

4. Know How to Greet Your Hosts

Business etiquette in Dubai is somewhat formal. Between men, handshakes are standard, but you should wait for your Arab partners to offer their hands. When greeting women, you only need to place your hands over your heart.

Another business protocol in Dubai is the exchange of business cards. Thus, you need to have a lot of high-quality business cards in your pocket or bag that you can easily hand out.

5. Learn Some Arabic Phrases

Want to make an excellent first impression? Consider familiarizing yourself with the Arab language or perhaps learn some Arabic phrases like the basic greeting. Though English is Dubai’s standard business language, learning a bit of Arabic will definitely give you an edge.

6. Dress for Success

You must stick to simple yet elegant attire. There is no need for you to wear those wacky ties. For women, you should avoid short skirts and low necklines. Keep your shoulders and knees covered when in public places.

7. Don’t Do Business During Ramadan

Since Dubai is a Muslim emirate, you also need to consider Ramadan when planning your business trip.

Ramadan affects everyday life in Dubai. Though business does not totally stop during this fasting month, expect that meetings are shifted to accommodate prayer times. Ensure you check business timings and opening hours of dining establishments in advance.

8. Maximize Your Travel Time

Business trips are official work activities. That means every hour you spend idling will cost your company more. To make sure you arrive on time, consider flying in a private jet.

If you book a charter flight, you not only take control of your arrival time but also give yourself and your team a chance to utilize your travel time to do more productive work.

Whether preparing presentations or working on documents, you can accomplish a lot, even during a two-hour flight to Dubai. With the right charter service, you can even have meetings on the air.

A business trip in Dubai offers plenty of opportunities to entrepreneurs. But this can only be successful if you practice the secrets mentioned above.

So, before flying to this fast-growing business hub, research how business is done in this emirate and remind yourself about these practices each time you meet with your Arab partners. (CW)

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