Feel Beautiful Morning at Kota Kinabalu

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BloggerBorneo.com – After a long trip for 12 hours to Kota Kinabalu, we finally rested on Imperial Bouteq Hotel. Without realizing it, the original plan which only wanted to lie down in the afternoon instead led to a long sleep until the next morning. It’s really tiring

Okay, now it’s time to wake up early. Time on my watch showed about 5 am, when in Kota Kinabalu may show around 6 o’clock in the morning because there is time difference between Pontianak and Kota Kinabalu for about an hour.

Beautiful Morning at Kota Kinabalu

It turned out that my friend Muhammad Irhamna have finished bathing and praying at dawn, it seemed he was ready to go first to circumnavigate the Kota Kinabalu. I immediately rushed to bathe, pray at dawn, and pack. Time for a walk in the morning friends …

My first goal is to Waterfront City is located adjacent to the location of the hotel where I stayed. Although still in development stage, but the concept of Waterfront City has largely been realized.

So remember the concept of Waterfront City, which is being developed in Pontianak, about whether his form will be like this?.

Okay, now leave the past about the concept because I would enjoy a moment on the seashore in the morning air refreshing.

Expanse of islands and the sea visible in front of the eyes gives a natural feel of its own, view dozens of fishing boats that are leaning and a woman were catching fish add to the uniqueness in the morning. It did not believe I could finally be in Kota Kinabalu now.

The journey continues with main road along the Kota Kinabalu namely Tun Fuad Stephens Street. The atmosphere around that looked wet from the rain last night to add fresh views that morning. Still not too many people passing by, just look a bit crowded at the bus station is located not far from the location where I am now.

Indeed, now Kota Kinabalu is in process of building, visible on the right side of the road large buildings that have been or are currently under construction. According to the info, the number of residents in Kota Kinabalu is about 500 thousand people.

Hhhmmm … not much different from the existing population in the city of Pontianak, about 400 thousand people. Indeed for our population does not differ much, but if the level of development remains to Kota Kinabalu was far in front of us.

There is a unique landscape that I find here, not unexpectedly turned out in large cities there are still a traditional market that sells vegetables, fish, eggs, and other kitchen needs.

Just for fun ask a bunch of vegetable prices, it said the retailer is “1 ikat seinggit” (so remember the usual greeting is mentioned by one of the Upin and Ipin friend is Mail when he was peddling his wares on the market). It turned out exactly the same, hehehe …

If in the city of Pontianak, you could say this traditional market is “Pasar Flamboyan”. I happened to be there around 7 am, not long after there was someone who told the merchants that sell time has run out so that all merchandise that there had to be cleaned.

Apparently here is limited time to sell the morning until 7 am only, after that all should look neat again. In stark contrast it with traditional market conditions in Pontianak, anytime you want to sale please. There is no limit, like selling the morning, afternoon, evening, it’s up to yours.

Does not feel about 1 hour we toured the beautiful Kota Kinabalu. Feeling thirsty, tired, and hungry so pronounced. It seems now the right time to perform routine activities of daily breakfast.

Okay friends, so first of my writing about my journey in this morning. Look forward to my next article because now I have to have breakfast, see u friends … (DW)

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