What is Your Descendant in Astrology?

A Descendant sign shows an individual’s relationship life and much more. Do you know where the descendant sign is located in your birth chart? And why is it important? Let’s free your curiosity and learn about the Descendant sign.

This specific sign in a native’s birth chart might help them better understand their interpersonal interactions and what they want from their love partners. It’s always on the opposite side of the ascendant.

If the individual wants to know its descendant sign location, he first has to know its ascendant sign location. The descendant sign is the factor that determines how individuals relate to others, how they behave, and how they view other individuals( friends, spouses, professional partners, etc.).

In a native’s birth chart, the descendant’s zodiac sign indicates the kind of mate the native seeks and the kinds of partnerships that work best for them.

Knowing or calculating your ascendant sign is a must for finding your descendant. Because of this, the descendant is always in the sign that opposes the ascendant’s sign. Therefore:-

  1. Descendant Libra = Ascendant in Aries
  2. Descendant Scorpio = Ascendant in Taurus
  3. Sagittarius Descendant = Ascendant in Gemini
  4. Capricorn Descendant = Ascendant in Cancer
  5. Aquarius Descendant = Ascendant in Leo
  6. Pisces Descendant = Ascendant in Virgo
  7. Aries Descendant = Ascendant in Libra
  8. Taurus Descendant =  Ascendant in Scorpio
  9. Gemini Descendant = Ascendant in Sagittarius
  10. Cancer Descendant = Ascendant in Capricorn
  11. Leo Descendant = Ascendant in Aquarius
  12. Virgo Descendant = Ascendant in Pisces

Additionally, to know more about descendant signs, have a free chat with astrologer.

The Effect of Descendant Sign

As already seen, the descendant provides individuals with information about their connections. Understanding it can lead them to more satisfying relationships because it reveals their needs and avoidances.

This is especially valid for romantic connections or if one is searching for love. But it’s also true that the descendants may be a priceless resource for determining the types of relationships and partners that can make individuals happy.

Moreover, having far healthier and more emotionally satisfying relationships is frequently made possible by learning to recognize their strengths and negative qualities.

The Difference between Descendant and Ascendant

In astrology, the words “descendant” and “ascendant” are frequently used to describe how a celestial body, like a planet or star, appears in relation to the horizon. The zodiac sign that was rising from the eastern horizon at the moment of a person’s birth is referred to as their “ascendant.”

Another name for it is the “rising sign.” The Ascendant is a significant aspect of an individual’s birth chart since it is said to have an impact on the person’s manner, perspective on life, and physical appearance.

On the other side, the zodiac sign that was rising from the western horizon at the moment of an individual’s birth is referred to as a “descendant”. Even though it is less widely utilized in astrology.

The descendant is still a significant aspect of an individual’s birth chart since it is said to have an impact on their relationships and the type of partner they attract. Both words refer to the position of celestial bodies with respect to the horizon.


So, the Descendant sign is an important part of an individual’s life because it shows the needs and unwanted things in a relationship. It also shows an individual’s behavior and characteristics in a relationship.

Furthermore, these indications can assist an individual in finding his perfect match. To know the descendant’s position, the individual has to find its Ascendants first. Furthermore, if you feel confused and want to learn more about the Descendant, seek the guidance of an astrologer. (CW)

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