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Read the Label of Your Yogurt

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Marketed as a healthy food does not mean that every yogurt products that being sell out there is healthy. If you make a mistake and not wisely on choose your yogurt, you might ended-up consuming yogurt that more like junk food instead the one that on the list of healthy food menu the healthy lifestyle guru talked about.

The most important and the best tips to avoid the mistake is to read the label. Sounds so lame but this is not a joke. Reading the label should always be the first thing to do when deciding what food to buy. It is essential to know what is really in the food that you will buy and eventually goes to your stomach. So, a lot of things we could tell from the label.


On the label of every yogurt products that being sell out there, they always start out as plain yogurt as the main ingredients but they often contain variety of added ingredients, such as sugar, artificial flavors, dyes, stabilizers and preservatives.

Try as hard as you can to find the one with few ingredients. Choose yogurt without large amounts of added ingredients, less is more! The less added ingredients the better the yogurt because it contains high amount of plain yogurt.

They should include milk, the living bacterial cultures as we may call it probiotics. Remember that ingredients are listed by weight, so avoid yogurt that have sugar listed near the top, that is a big no brand to be put on your cart. Here are the sugar on the different names that you should remember including sucrose, high fructose corn syrup, fruit juice, cane sugar and agave nectar. Be a smart shopper!

YUMMY Yoghurt with a mission to promote a healthy lifestyle to the society, could be the one for your top list on your grocery. With the natural ingredients and milk that comes directly from their own farm, YUMMY commit to bring freshness to your table. (ADV)

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