Equator Monument Pontianak, One of Recreation Center in West Kalimantan

Image: BorneoTravelling.Com

In two times a year, precisely in March and October, a natural phenomenon always occurs in the city of Pontianak that is Kulminasi Matahari. As one of the locations crossed by the equator, people in Pontianak are given the grace to see how this natural phenomenon occurs.

Last time at the end of last March Borneo Blogger visited the Equator Monument Pontianak area, a few days after the culmination of the sun.

Equator Monument Pontianak 

Perhaps for Borneo Blogger itself, the phenomenon of nature is no longer a unique thing because every year always through it.

Here Blogger Borneo just want to see the crowd that still remaining, it is still a lot of guests from within and abroad come to visit this place.

Since it was first built in 1928 by one German geographer who came to Pontianak with his expedition team, the Equator Monument Pontianak has undergone several renovations.

If you see now the monument area has shaped a large monument, it is a “maksimatur” it. It is termed “maximism” because the shape of the Equator monument is actually smaller and is inside the main building.

In 1930, the shape of the monument was enhanced by providing a milestone shape with a circle and arrows at the top. Eight years later, the monument was rebuilt with refinement by Silaban opzicter/architech.

In 1990, Equator Monument Pontianak was renovated again by making a dome to protect the original monument and making a duplicate of a monument five times larger than the original monument. The building was inaugurated on 21 September 1991.

Pontianak city is one of the cities in the world that is crossed equator or equator line. Throughout the world only 14 cities are directly crossed equator line, the rest is generally located in the ocean. This makes the city of Pontianak better known as the “City of the Equator”.

Tourist Visit Equator Monument
Image: BorneoTravelling.Com

There is one important note that must be given here is for now the equator point has undergone a shift of 117 meters from the original location of the original monument stand.

According to the information of the managing officer, the new equator point is obtained from satellite analysis. Here is the appearance of the new equator point.

Since a few years ago, the center of the culmination process of the sun was done at the “new equator”. Once satisfied around in the area of ​​Equator Monument Pontianak, friends can shop for souvenirs and accessories in a small kiosk located not far from the location of the equator monument.

Various handicrafts in the form of miniature monument, typical Pontianak batik cloth, Pontianak motifs shirt shirt, and others there are sold in this souvenir kiosk.

Well, for guests who want to come to visit the Monument Equator Pontianak can directly contact BorneoTravelling.Com via WhatsApp +62-811-56-1982 (Mr. Yudi). (DW)

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